Astrology for healing

Astrology is the science of substance. By many, it is known as a predictive technique. For others, a way of describing reality.

In the apocryphal books, they say that when the angels fell, they brought with them many gifts for humanity: mathematics, music, makeup for female humans, iron and fire for men… and occult sciences, such as Astrology. This story is also similar to that of Greek mythology: Prometheus stole the fire from Olympus and was therefore condemned to eternal punishment.

And just like humanity, astrology has its different phases.

The most recent legends we have refer to ancient Kings and Queens: astrologers predicted illnesses, the weather, and even whether the heir would be a good king. The poor astrologer who had a reading with bad results… was at the mercy of the king: either he would receive his forgiveness for the inevitable fate of the world, or he would lose his head!

Medieval astrology had an impressive richness: predictive astrology – your destiny, elective astrology – what is the best day and time to start something, medical astrology – all parts of the body are governed by a sign, and even spagyric and alchemy: the rulership of astrological signs in nature, thus resulting in elixirs and wells for healing.

And until then, Astrology and Astronomy were considered the same thing by science. This only changed when Galileu Galilei realized that it was not the Sun that revolved around the Earth, but the other way around! This was a break in the scientific paradigm, which realized that we were not the center of the world, but just part of a system. Therefore, Astronomy has become an integral part of physics… and Astrology? Astrology has become metaphysics.



Metaphysics is something that is beyond physics: something that you cannot see or touch, but you recognize its existence through feeling. Just like the contemplation of art, or the feeling of “I get the idea” when you finally understand a complex math calculation.

And just as society has changed, adopting new paradigms, the very substance of astrology also changes.

For example, the person you are today is not the same as the person you were 10 years ago. And it won’t even be in 10 years.

That astrology of the past, which dictated your destiny, became more descriptive… more focused on the consciousness of the being than on the events of the external world. And so several astrologers, with their studies within different fields, named astrology as Humanist Astrology, Psychological Astrology, Modern Astrology…

Human beings no longer have a fixed destiny. And yes, tendencies. Tendencies in his personality that form his shape, but not his character. Now, in this new astrology, it is no longer important to know whether Gemini was born at a good time for Gemini. And yes, describing that if Gemini has a good conscience, he came into this life to study, communicate, and teach people. But if not with a good conscience, the Gemini person becomes gossipy, superficial, and an eternal follower of fashions and trends.

Today, it is no longer said: that a child will be king of England, or that one will be run over by a cart. And yes: you have natural talents for leadership and tend to be a public figure like a politician, but if you follow this other path, you will have a predisposition towards the world of Arts and Dance. Or: I see that you have a tendency to attract accidents or sudden falls from this aspect of your chart. Let’s work on his chart to see what you need to learn in your psyche and then reduce greater possibilities of damage. You do not have a determined destiny, but natural tendencies that will manifest themselves in a positive or negative way – based on your want.

It’s as if his physical body were an antenna that, based on the shape of your body, the day you were born, your DNA, and your external environment, capture and form everything you know as reality.

Astrology is also one of the precursors to this famous “New Era”: just as someone will not have a certain characteristic because of their astrological sign, a person will not have their social position determined from the day of their birth. And yes, social positions that can be shaped based on your will and unique personality.