Every day is a special day:

(by astrologer to astrologer or sympathizer)

Every day, you experience transits; energy moves from day to day.

The moon changes every 2 days, affecting your moods like ocean waves.

Every 9 months, Venus beautifully brings new relationships and ways to face your values.

Often, there is the retrograde Mercury, signaling it’s time to think, think, think.

Every year, you have a solar revolution. In the first 6 months, you plant the seed; the other 6, you harvest.

Every two and a half years, your Saturn changes. For two years, you materialize your intuition; the other half, you rethink about it.

Every 19 years, your spiritual mission takes a new shape. For 9.5 years, you experience something natural and easy; the other 9.5, you create outside your comfort zone.

Upon completing 27 years, Saturn 🪐 gives you the chance to be responsible with your goals and truly find your place in society. But every 7 years, Saturn gives you a taste of this.

Still, every phase of your life is influenced by one of the ancient planets.

Astrology is in everything, and it is everything