Illness as a symptom.

Illness is the body’s last resort to show that something is wrong. It is when the problem is established in the last element, the earth, or the physical body.

The most supreme form of change comes from consciousness. The pure will to change. And then that will will manifest itself in matter, passing from element to element.

Illness arises as a problem in consciousness, and then manifests in physical form.

Passing through the elements in sequence:

First is the fire, the will, the intuition that allows the existence. Fire creates disease from a command of conscience.

Second is the water, the emotions, when the disease sets in. The water stabilizes it.

These first elements are fully experienced or organized on the astral plane, which is the world of dreams. So it’s not so clear to us.

Then comes the air, the ideas we have about this fact.

Finally the land, when the disease manifests itself.

Air and earth is when we are awake, and we can see clearly.

This is how any situation arises in matter. Consciousness first, elements later in order.

If you are sick, and you are determined to end your illness, you must first understand that illness always has its advantages.

Sometimes someone you care about takes care of you, sometimes it’s the apology you didn’t have to say. Sometimes it’s the day at work that you really didn’t want to go to, and ended up causing an accident unknowingly.

So it’s coldly analyzing whether you prefer to remain sick or with the advantage. Who explains it better is Cristina Cairo in body language. It is necessary to understand what you are going through and look for it in her work or in works in general on the metaphysics of the disease.

Okay, you’re decided to change.

Know that your body will play tricks on you to know if you’re really ready.

So it’s something like the 12 labors of Hercules for curing diseases.

You find out where the disease is by Body Language,

By fire, having the determination to change – we find more answers in the 12 fire signs of the zodiac.

The fire talking about identity, we have:

Aries: will and total determination.

Leo: Incorporating this new self into our personality.

Sagittarius: new beliefs and truths about the lived situation that caused the problem.

These are more unconscious and must be done with grit and determination within you.


When an event becomes a trauma, the event that happened (fire) was interpreted as emotionally disturbing in some sense (water).

Water is the most powerful of the elements here, as it stabilizes the situation.

The event may not have been cool, but who’s to say if you took it well or not is the water.

It is also governed by all holistic therapies.

In hypnosis works, feelings must be re-signified. You remember the event and disassociate the emotional interpretation you had of it. Soon, it will stop causing disturbances in your life.

So here comes hypnosis, akashic records, biokinesthesia, reiki, apometry, family constellation, etc. Astral projection, dreams and lucid for those who already have experience, as in dream work.


A psychologist or psychoanalyst. The work of mind change.

Here it is: Changing your ideas about causes both in thought and in speech.

Also, change your environment of people who can be “bad influences”. People we talk to, or groups that we join have extreme influence on our mental field, and doing a whole psychological project to continue with the same subjects over the weekend will not help at all.

That is, you incorporate this into your day-to-day ideas (Gemini), your relationships (Libra), and your groups of friends (Aquarius).

Psychologists teach us to act differently according to the same problem


– Determination and discipline with the requests of the 3 elements above.

– Remedy and/or treatment on the physical plane if it is already a manifest illness.

Additional Ayurvedic medicine treatment. Like ayurvedic food (you are what you eat, so the disease or manifestation of the problem is also in what you eat), and/or yoga (certain mudra positions with your body, sending health to the universe), tantra (natural wisdom listening to your body and intuition).

Indian medicine would be optional because it takes a lot of research and understanding, but it is something super open and necessary in the west, hence the term complete regeneration, from the Vedas.

For them, a 100-year-old person should still be in full functional condition.

If not, it’s because you’re still sick

The Indian Vedas are completely corporeal. Spirituality that acts directly on the physical plane.

Remember that all illnesses mean lack of peace: worries, fears or hurt.

From all this is derived the 4 basic fears that all others derive:

fear of abandonment

fear of loss

afraid to face

fear of death

Remember that everything and any situation in our life, past, present and future must be seen with the triad of Acceptance, Forgiveness and Gratitude.

We should see it that way for any event or feeling.

If the situation is really bad, thank you for paying the karma and now it’s a little better for you than before.

Alternative therapies act in prevention (astral plane: fire and water)

Traditional medicine in what has already been accepted by the body as a pathology (physical plane: air and earth. That is, psychology and doctor/medicine/surgery)

You can cure something just with meditation and alternative therapies, but if it’s something serious, there’s not enough time to work on all plans.

Also, the intention has to be with altruistic ends

Never selfish/aesthetic or anything like that.

If the illness or problem is also a karmic thing, doing charity with something related to it for true good purposes is a wonderful form of liberation.

This is sort of a spiritual cause and effect secret.

And don’t tell anyone what you’re doing, and only after a long time that it works. Nobody needs to know, it’s just your with yourself.

Barbara Oliveira