We can make an association of the septenes with the cycles of saturn. A complete cycle of Saturn lasts 28 years, every 7 years it forms a square. That is, when talking about Saturn, a moment that you need to structure differently from the previous one. Every 7 years you have a different phase. They say that every 7 years you change friends, your skin regenerates completely and different situations begin and end in your life. No wonder 7 is the mystical number: 7 archangels, 7 musical scales…
Cristina Cairo and Setenios – Transcript
“The first seven years is the longest. It goes from 0 to 13 years old (one year before moving on to the next seven years).
In this period, the child needs to learn to name emotions.
The child needs to be informed, welcomed and identified for himself.
Negative side, which if any, be overcome: abandonment or feeling of neglect
14 years to 20
Sociability. Learn about each other’s emotions. Exchange of emotions and knowledge.
At this stage, the child needs to have learned about their own emotions to know how to identify in the other.
Negative side, which, if any, can be overcome: Cannot perceive the other
21 to 27
Until then, the world has already asked you to seek spirituality.
You must begin to seek who I am for God. What I believe. Who am I on my mission. Search for spirituality.
Negative side, if any, to be overcome: not finding spirituality, doing wrong things in life, harming people, or harming yourself with drugs…
If you didn’t have a good time in any of these seven years until you were 27, you’re gone…
The setenio’s mission must always be accomplished. If up to 3 seven years are not understood, you die.
It’s possible not to have learned a seventeenth year in a period of years and learn in the next seven years, learning what the new seventeenth asks for and the old one. It’s possible. But the goal is always to take what this phase of life asks of you.
Example: how many artists die at 27. The “Clube dos 27”.
Example: Kurt Cobain. Anyone who saw his biography saw that he had a troubled past with his parents. For that same reason, he identified and teamed up with Courtney Love, who also didn’t have a very cool upbringing. And their controversial relationship, in addition to the many drugs before the show, fights with the band members over it… Even the overdose. 3 unsurpassed seventies, taking away infinite potentials.
Setenniums derive from the human restructuring of the Saturn return.
Whenever you have a new transit/saturn cycle, you need to see that to start all this, if your ground so far is strong. If not, you have to run to do it. The previous structures are charged.
Saturn is the structurer of human life.
28 to 34 – Saturn’s Most Powerful Return
Definitive set for you to continue your life.
Something important happens when you turn 28. And it’s time to start something important for you too.
This is the real beginning of your life.
You will have to do your structuring of material life. Stuff you build solidly until you’re 34.
Dr Deepak Chopra has a book that proves: when a person doesn’t have a balanced life and dies by the age of 28, he is wandering. She cannot enter the body. She is wandering.
Or the appearance of diseases if you haven’t been following well until now.
35 to 42
Phase when you start to work, to work, to gather money. Not financially dependent on anyone.
42 to 48
Stay in the middle of your family. Philanthropy. Home, family. If you don’t have a family, be in family groups that think you are family.
Take that money you saved and invest in the family.
Help the family. Be with them, spend time with them.
Whenever you fulfill your seventies, you are reinvigorating yourself.
49 to 55
Career Death and Rebirth. Accept the changes, and make changes!
Radical changes.
56 to 62
Ex: Michael Jackson
You must give lectures. Or take information so that people are motivated.
Give lectures, readings… anything for self-help. Teach motivation, spirituality. Lift people out of their sorrows.
You need to expose yourself and put your knowledge or testimonies of what you achieved through faith, what you achieved by working hard in life.
63 to 69
You need to do charity, give alms, listen to the pain of others, give love advice.
Be the one who listens.
70 to 77
Now you must retreat from social. You must close yourself off, learn about religions, sacred books… Be the one who has the knowledge. the mystic.
Work on these knowledge and your own spirituality.
77 to 83
Go back to social and take the knowledge of being who you are to people. You are the one that teaches you about who you are too. He has the enchantment of solving people’s situations through knowledge.
If you’re following all the cool sevens, at 83 you’re still doing gymnastics, going to the gym, with a good body. And if you fulfilled all the seven years, without illness.
84 to 90
Training. Party, party. Stroll, travel, go to the club, call the family if you want.
Time to have fun.
Stage of life of stopping worries.
Forget the past. The fear of the future.
Rest, play, laugh.
So the cells are regenerating. the DNA.
91 to 97
Setting up a company, a farm… a creation that yields new ideas. Being accepted to work and earn. Or give new ideas to someone else’s work.
98 to 104
Now he wants to get his hands dirty, work really hard.
105 to 111
True family constellation. You are the one who solves family problems.
The one who brings families together for everyone to harmonize.
Or harmonize yourself.
112 to 118
In this range, you can no longer live in metropolises. Your neural synapses are working differently. You are in another vibratory range.
He takes care of the whole family’s money. He has administrative wisdom.
He who lays the foundations for everyone.
Everyone who leaves the money in his hands, and who manages through his advice, the person prospers.
Now, you will be summoned. By God, star angels, etc. From that age, to understand, start looking for the lives of the ascended masters.”
The goal here is to reach 120, or more hehe