Why do we get things? Because that is beautiful in the eyes of the viewer. Therefore, he offers what he has good to be in accordance with what is offered.
Attracting people with what’s beautiful about you. Venus is your ideals: you attract people for what you believe in and give to others freely.
Giving that is pleasurable, and knowing the art of the good deal, the balance that makes it good for you and me in equal measure, makes it very pleasant to have made that exchange.
The art of venus is to be detached. “If it’s not good for you, that’s fine. That’s who I am. That’s what I believe. We can make a deal with me offering a little more of who I am, and something else you could offer as well. But still, in this line of balance. In which I leave happy, and so do you.”
The moment it ceases to be equivalent, it loses measure.
Venus is pleasure, while Mars is the drive for pleasure.
Mars goes out in search of everything that can be received in his actions.
Mars makes the offer, Venus analyzes it, and sees how it can adapt this proposal to what it is.
Venus is the 5 senses.
Each Venus in your chart has a preferred direction. And a favorite planet.
Venus is natural beauty with her emotional intelligence. (Taurus, exaltation in the moon and domicile in venus)
And also, the harmony that you find in the forms and the way it presents itself, with what would be pleasant to society at that moment (Libra exaltation in saturn and domicile in libra).
At all times, venus is what you believe in. Inspiring people to see beauty in life.
This is the secret of attraction potential.
Do you believe in the good and beautiful? People will see it in you, or you will automatically be drawn to it. Therefore, the people who are with you are also good and exert beauty around you.
Venus takes the practice beautifully. And the desirable and attractive fusion. (Virgo and Scorpio)
Venus has something of an illusion.
The lie, the deception can be done. As long as the intention is to cause this much desired fantasy world in the one who offered it.
This one comes from an inspiration.
Art is the lie that reveals the truth”. – Picasso