Spiritual Counseling 

An innovative system of therapy continues.


Um sistema inovador de terapia continua. This inovator therapy sistem mimxes the Depnes of the Mind, the Misteries of the Body and the subtle of the unconsious. 

Have you been experiencing:


This therapy is for you who:


Excessive worry or fear, restlessness or feeling on edge, 


Persistent feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and a lack of interest or pleasure in activities.

Missing Purpose

Sense of aimlessness, a loss of motivation, and a pervasive feeling of disconnection or emptiness

Hard to Self Regulate

Thursday, November 26th, 2020
10:00am – 12:00pm

Lack of Enthusiasm

Absence of excitement, passion, or interest in activities that one used to find enjoyable. Sense of indifference, boredom, or a feeling that life lacks the spark it once had.

Relationship Issues

Hard to connect, dont feel seen, considered. Dear people ask you to find help, or dear people really need help and you can’t do anything about. 

Esses sao os mals da sociedade moderna, 

Finding Joy

& Balance

Can you imagine a life you feel full of yourself? Happiness creating happiness and people around you respecting – and vibrating with you. 

Let’s uncover your unconscious!

The Integration

I delved deep into unique tools, and so, created my own method. 

Your Life Purpose

Using the unique combination of Spiritual Psychotherapy and Astrology, we will go deep into the depths of your personality, your life purpose and spiritual mission in this Earth. 

Embodying your Instincts 

No shame. No Blame. Your body has a natural wisdom that only it knows.  Through somatics, we will develop

Unconscious Discovery

Using the elements of Dreams interpretation, we go deep into your subconscious looking for the primary reasons your mind is not telling to us. 

Spirituality is the key to a balanced Mind. But often times we seek help

and find dogmas and strict rules that does not match with what our

heart is telling us. 

It can lead us to a silent deal: in my mind, I will be

following these rules, but unconsciously I will be living the life that

makes my body vibrate.

In this mentorship, you will be informed about the Natural Human

Rules for Happiness and we will use diverse tools to help you in this


Be fully doing what you want, but, be conscious!

Then happiness are invited into our homes.

Our ultimate goal is for you to know how to do it all by yourself, and

my process in this journey is to guide you until you feel: I am ready!

No shame. No Blame.

Your body has a natural wisdom that only it knows.

But we weren’t taught to listen to that.

The nature made us perfect.

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The Mentor

Por muitos anos, Barbara se considerou ateia. Ate um dia que o misticismo entrou na sua porta, e com muita relutancia, isso se tornou inegavel. Com o passar dos anos a espiritualidade tambem se tornou parte disso, e desde entao simples escolhas do dia a dia tem se tornando uma transformaçao constante. 


What is the difference betwen Mentorship and a Coaching Session?

The coach applies direct techniques to solve that problem directly. The mentor already applied all of those techniques in their life, teaching by the example. 

"Only what we really are has the power to heal us."

– Carl Jung

"Just ask: Am I able to become love?"

– Osho

"Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength."

– Sigmund Freud


Union Square – Lower Nob Hill

San Francisco, CA



(201) 890 9741