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5% of ou therapies profits goes to Mãos de Assis: a brazilian ONG that supports Indigenous Natives communities and women in situation of violence.

Mind Mapping 

Delve into the depths of your birth chart through the lens of humanistic astrology and life coaching. Explore the intricate tapestry of your personal development, uncovering your innate talents, navigating challenges, and gaining insights into your professional path, relationships, intimacy, and even karmic influences.

Tantra & Body


Embrace the Goddess within and awaken your body’s inherent power. Unlock the potential of your being by releasing blockages and embracing a life free from guilt, fear, and shame. Drawing upon the wisdom of ancestral tantra, allow us to be your guide on this sacred and beautiful journey.

“Some doors only open from the inside.” Are you ready?


Corpo Tantra

Energetic Self-Care


Nurturing our astral body as the foundation for holistic well-being, addressing energetic imbalances before they manifest in the physical body.

"I absolutely loved receiving my astrological birth chart! It was fascinating to delve deeper into Astrology and learn more about myself. Many of the insights resonated with my own perceptions of myself. Some pieces of the puzzle are still falling into place... I will definitely be revisiting my notes and rewatching the recording multiple times to aid in my self-awareness

Jordana Luizi

"I am glad I had the opportunity of having my birth chart read by Barbara. It touched me in ways I didint believe astrology could offer. Deep, accurate and empathic reading.

Marry Carrol

"Barbara is safe, skilled, and calm - her energy and space-holding make the experience special. Her touch is tender, mindful, gentle yet firm. I arrived carrying long-term stress in my body - and I left the session feeling lighter, relaxed, and joyous. I'm still yawning 2 hours later as I write this (a sign that my body feels safe and relaxed). I already made my next appointment!"

Nat Real

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A percentage of the proceeds from body and energy therapies goes to the charitable organization Maos de Assis. Your desire for healing stimulates a growing spiral of positive impact.


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