About Us



Established in 2019, Moondalini began as a Holistic Center offering a sanctuary for well-being courses, mystic workshops, and women’s empowerment circles. Today, we proudly stand as a metaphysical research center, providing transformative therapies, immersive events, and wellness courses to a conscious community. We deeply value collaboration, partnering with like-minded organizations and non-profits to create positive change.

Believing that the Americas hold the potential for profound spiritual global transformation, we embrace our role in the union of Brazil and the USA as agents of the new era. With a strong sense of responsibility, we bring knowledge and facilitate significant shifts in the lives of those we encounter. Recognizing the power of mental, bodily, and energetic wisdom, we promote a conscious lifestyle, inviting individuals to engage in community and collectively shape the reality we desire.


“Mental, body and energetic self-knowledge are the keywords for a conscious life.”








              Mãos de Assis Institution

Moondalini has a long history of collaboration with the NGO because they believe in the project and see the daily struggle of keeping it running, organizing, and helping thousands of people in Minas Gerais, Brazil.

The NGO aims to bring quality nutrition for Indigenous Brazilian Natives, support for women in emotional domestic situations, yoga projects to many in the city of Belo Horizonte. However, to this still happening sustainably, we need your help. Mãos de Assis is asking for donations to buy resources and keep the projects happening for all population.

Learn more about the project here.