Rewriting humanity’s demons

Humanity is controversial. Humanity is controversial by nature. And even more controversial is recognizing this.

Imagine that so so far away,
A spaceship saw a pretty little house.
It was very green, and had a pleasant air.
Very empty and lonely,
The special ship decided to come down to make some company.

There, they opened a laboratory.
And they created some dolls,
They also made some friends,
of all shapes, figures and sizes.
So the little green house was full

The special ship decided to return
So far away
Leaving all of your little children
With small instruction manuals

And so returning from time to time,
so the manual can be updated.

The little children grew up
They learned to make also make dolls
They learned to write
Planting and harvesting
They even learned to worship their own friends.
And then they learned to hunt and fight

The beings on the spaceship watched from afar,
“Let them fight! Silibings fight and make peace. Them, they learn”

And then, all the little children
They started to kill each other,
For the gods to call

The wisest beings watched everything from their cabin,
“Can’t you see? They need us!
But we can no longer interfere
They need one of them.”

And then, the wisest of little beings,
From his comfortable couch, got up,
“I can solve it!”

His body has changed
Now he looked at his own reflection
And with his little children he looked like

He went down, down and down
and shone like a star
And from a spotless temple he again ascended
from that time so far away

He studied a lot
To express the words that were already in his heart
He waited a long time
To flourish as a good teacher

He prayed so much
So that your little children recognize love
To a crowd he touched
And the other crowd he angered

But before anything else, he taught:
You are all brothers. Be attentive, because an enemy is coming.
they want to separate you from me

they are 7
one day you will boast
of this insatiable hunger that overflows
wanting to have what someone else has
without even getting up
and then, when it you acchieve,
all the pleasures will come to you
and all of them, you will have

and then in your family it will continue
my brother’s I will tell you
this dup to 4 jumps you finish the cycle

the medicine you will have
just will need practice

the virtue of humility will bring you health
with the necessary patience to plant
The results will come when you least expect it
with your brother be good,
because just like yourself, good you will have
chastity cleanse
charity bring
with much, much gratitude

because love is infinite
and they will multiply

Now he is no longer a creator
yes a brother
he leaves with pain on his hands
but he plants a seed that 2 thousand years from now
His children will no longer recognize love
and yes it will become

One day, creator and little son will recognize each other as equal
but we need to multiply
multiply the love of the great multiplier