God beyond Science

For thousands of years, our society has moved between different religions. And to a point where our Western society, after Christianity, begins to unify with the world through a common point of view: Science.

It has become globally known that the sun does not revolve around the earth, but the opposite. Our Earth is just one of the other planets rotating to a single common point. And then, a revolution in the scientific world.

Religion, until then, an inseparable partner of the government, gives light to its opponent: State leaders no longer want metaphysical concepts, but statistics.

The people, until then victims of their own destiny, know Medicine. The almost-so-exact science that brings benefits to your quality of life.

This brought a big white flag to the world: now we all, just like that, must agree on one thing in common. “We must agree that right after A comes B, because that is logical. So, we may have our individual religious beliefs but we all agree that after C is D! At least in the Latin alphabet.”

Science, together with economics, came together and still unites humanity into a common collective: through exchanges and shared advancement, its development is created.

Therefore, at least globally, the new religion of the world is science.

This is an inclusive religion: there is a lot of research talking about the benefits of meditation. Several researches talk about how the improvement of those sick people who believe is statistically greater than those who do not have a god. How sharing your feelings – whether with a psychologist or a religious authority – is good for the mind. It doesn’t matter what religion you are, you are still a human being and you need medicine. Being anti-vaccine is no longer fashionable.

If you think a little, science, together with the economy, which also comes from this new science, has been one of the remedies for world peace!

If we all agree on something in common, we don’t need to fight among ourselves. We can even call this fighting instinct… Ego! Because psychology is the science of the mind.

Therefore, this is a religion that leaves people too free.

Do not misunderstand me. Freedom of thought is also something that is not opposed to science. What I want to say is that this new religion does not bring structure. At least, not in today’s Western world. It is still something too new for common sense to create protective structures.

Social networks are the main causes of anxiety and depression today. The belief that to be scientific, you need to be an atheist. The belief that consumerism, promiscuity and career are more important than a solid family structure. It’s as if humanity were little children, being given a series of sharp toys that they barely know how to use. And viciously, we cut ourselves off from it.

If this reminds you of the story of Prometheus, who stole fire from Olympus and was god of Humans, thus being given the sentence of being punished for all eternity.


The scientific method prioritizes reason. But the meaning of life goes far beyond that.

The very basis of Scientology – an American religion that embraces the concept of science being the new religion – does not believe that men are capable of healing themselves of their own accord.

It’s almost as if science and even medicine insisted on the same fact that ancient astrology insisted so much on: Man is not capable of controlling his destiny! That’s why we can predict his future.

“His genetic disease is stronger than his will.”

“The Gods are not in your favor, you will soon be in Valhalla.”

Soon the death sentences are announced, and the miracles… are just coincidence.

And then, we see the importance of metaphysical work.

Metaphysics prioritizes your feelings and perception before reality itself. And with mastery over this, you are capable of changing reality itself.

Religions around the world, with the exception of Scientology, are purely metaphysical. (Scientology is also good, but details for another day). They differ in their stories, metaphors, and even general rules. But its structures are based on continuing the human race.

The great gift we have today is that if we don’t like the way we were taught a way of seeing the world, we can change and receive support about our own perception. Just be careful not to change too much, because this creates a lack of commitment to an ideology.

And then we highlight an important pillar of religion: the family.


In Jewish Kabbalah, there is a triad of perpetuation of life, the family triad: the man loves the woman, the woman loves her children and the children love the father. Man, with a more immediate nature, is focused and in his life carrying out and carrying out tasks is biologically simple.

As the psychoanalyst Freud explains: we get all our neuroses from our parents. No matter what our ideology in life, our parents will always be something that emotionally affects us for better or for worse. Making peace with your parents is making peace with the past.

And your children: it is the family you chose. It is the practice of the phrase: “This time I will do it differently”. Raising children is the practice of love, since it is the natural ethic of life for us to always give more than we receive in our creation.

This does not necessarily mean that everyone should have children: in a balanced world, only half of the population would have genuine pleasure in the act of creating. The other half would be to develop creations, projects, charities for the world or openness to adopting children.

Adoption in particular is one of the most beautiful acts that can be carried out: it is the practice of daily care, service and dedication to a child to whom you planned to give your love even without any chemical neurostimulation.

Quick break for adoption: “I thank my biological parents for giving me life. I thank my parents for saving my life.”

Even my grandparents, who teach the concept of spirituality and wisdom of life while parents are too busy with the mundane aspect of their life stages.

Or even knowledge of your ancestral history, which follows the same logic about why it is important that we study history at school: It is important to know the past so as not to repeat it. Why is family important?

Contrary to the possible beliefs that atheism causes, or the consequence of atheist governments, a family is the emotional motivation to be a better person.

It’s the practice of “I don’t give up on you, I love myself, and therefore, I love you too.”

Family is the practice of your conscious emotion.

The world is not just reason. Life is full of emotions, achievements, and intimate exchange. And this is even a feeling that people value even more than reason, I’ll tell you why:

If you valued science so much over your feelings, you would be eating healthy, exercising, sleeping well, spending less time on social media and having a great relationship with your parents and possible emotional partnerships. (if not, in great progress so that yes).

But most likely, dear reader, you don’t do that. And if so, congratulations! You overlap the statistics of the majority of the Western population with obesity, sky-high divorce rates and mental instability.

So don’t tell me that feelings don’t matter. Because laziness is a feeling. She is not rational.

Please don’t be offended. My point with this is: our way of interacting with the world can be rational. The way we make life decisions, these are emotional. And these are the decisions that define our future.

That’s why therapy is important. Or a loving religion, whatever, too.

Your belief may be in the power of the universe, but it must be a positive belief.

But why don’t all people truly want a pleasurable life?

In the Bible, there is a saying that after Adam and Eve ate the apple, God took eternal life from them and gave man the freedom to live until he was 120 years old. He said: “…my spirit will not act on man forever, for he is carnal; and his days will be 120 years.” Genesis 6:3.

But how many people have I provoked by saying that they could live much longer than 60, 70, 80 years… and be healthy?

They soon respond: “But what am I going to do with so much time left to live, Barbara?!” For these people, I recommend that you read about the Septenios, explaining the missions of each human life.

Born, grown, created, led/worked, taught, died. And in all these phases of life you find achievements.

The essence of feminine and masculine

Read the article on the blog Radical Feminism x Culture of War (free-written satire)

In astrological biology, women are from Jupiter, Venus and Moon. And men are from Saturn, Mars and Sun. Women have progesterone and waist in the body. Men have testosterone and muscular ease.

Women: Jupiter is the laws/dynamics of marriage and children, Venus is sensuality and values, Moon is spirituality and emotions.

Men: Saturn is structures, Mars is actions and physical strength, Sun is the ego and even charisma.

The essence of being human is to have your masculine and feminine balanced within you. This is work that can be developed alone or in partnership. Generational illnesses like wars have caused a lack of balance in men’s masculine energy. The sexual revolution caused an imbalance of the feminine in women.

Lies from the Outside World – Cautions:

Have you ever heard the term “they bought the media?”

Or was that Facebook post “Fake news”?

“Or that that person aggressively disagreed with your argument?”

Or even a silly example, like scientists time and again saying that eggs are very good for your health at one time. And in another era, Eggs are bad for your health.

It is common for the world to suffer from ideological changes over time, making it seem like a revolution, something “cool” and funky about a concept that we had already defined before. It’s common for traumatized people to not want to hear what you have to say, or for the media or fake news to tell you lies about reality.

Just remember that you, before anything else, have your voice. He has his values, he is thirsty to discover what is right. That you have a filter.

That your values and sense of identity are based on what is good and fair. Because that way, no matter where you are, your values will protect you.