Where does violence come from?

There are studies on marginalized areas in the United States or favelas in Brazil where they are statistically very dangerous. Many people think that violence comes precisely because of the environment, but research in regions similar to American slums in Germany, and Switzerland… the violence rates are ridiculously lower. Poor though.

So… what’s the cause?

Could it be repression?

In many Indian tribes, when a member committed a crime, he was lectured. That’s right, a sermon.

If he stole from a family, that family would talk to him until he got tired.

He did something wrong, the tribe was going to ask what was going on.

You are a child of us and you have the right to make mistakes. What caused it? Let’s settle.

The exception would be in the case of the death of an innocent person, where he would be killed as well.

No exclusion or hate. In a way, this also prevents the victim from becoming a victim. What happened was fleeting, and that didn’t create an emotional state of no return.

Matriarchal societies have much lower rates of violence.

a political observation

It’s scary to have a dark thought, talk about it, and get sued for it. depending on your cultural point of view, a society giving you a shock chair, or an eternal prison, with no chance of social redemption may sound very aggressive.

In the USA, the potential aggressor (the entire population) is scared to death of giving in to some impulse because he will have a large debt due from the lawsuit, or simply have a stained history for the next 7 years, making it difficult to find employment and rent a house.

Or in a country where you commit crimes and have a huge bureaucracy until you finally get arrested. Police officers where only believe there was a rape after the confident confession of the aggressor, You commit a perverse crime, Police officers are afraid to help a family in danger and only enter the space after everyone has calmed down. A country where you go to the most famous capital for tourism and feel scared just because you have a cell phone. Don’t carry a purse… The victim is advised to be afraid because justice is unlikely to be served.

Here the way justice is done is the reverse of the previous example, but equally violent. We see that American culture violently expresses the aggressor, and in Brazil, the victim.

Or even in the Hispanic areas of the Americas, where I have a lot of knowledge but some countries like Mexico are known for their violence.

You are a thief.

You are a murderer.

You are no longer a human being.

This creates endless neuroses in the minds of those who have any impulses. Making them understand that the moment they give in to that impulse, they will enter a moment of personality that will have no return.

It will be difficult to forgive yourself, to depersonalize yourself.

Or if you do, it’s okay, society will always remind you of that.

You will always be the person who committed the unforgivable act, you will be excluded for that. Thus normalizing the act of doing it again.

[The Americas are still very young. When an American goes to the country that colonized their nation, we can feel an energy that is even paternalistic in terms of dealing with them. The United States is the baby of England, soaking up all the good in her legacy and creating her individuality just like any good boy. Brazil, with Portugal. Much of Brazilian reality today is a reflection of ancient Portugal. And collectively everyone who lives in these countries still has a lot to live, grow and learn collectively so that these problems go away and new dynamics emerge.]

Another current example of this is the educational system we have.

You took a math test and it scored 2.1 instead of 2.0. Ready! You are wrong!!!

In sociology, Socrates was not a philosopher. He was a writer. Okay, you’re wrong!!!!

And then you customized the student. His line of reasoning was wrong simply because it wasn’t the answer you wanted. Since anything truly good that comes from that student inside or outside the school will come from inside, not outside.

What kind of people are we creating? People who don’t move. Who is afraid of making a mistake? Who doesn’t move freely because they’re afraid of being judged?

Would it then be a problem for the penitentiary system?


Or maybe something more cultural like education?

Or maybe something more specific, like a country’s emotional education and social equality?

I like emotional education. This involves a lot of therapy, parenting, and a society’s sense and culture of self-awareness.

Social equality is a controversial subject. The moment we as a society choose to be capitalist, inequality will always exist.

In India, there is a caste system. Indians were asked why this system has existed and worked so well for so many years in India, and they replied: There are too many people in India. We are very much a family, and one way we found to organize society was by selecting you from birth onwards. Everyone has responsibilities and their role in Indian society is heavily influenced by religion.”

But after India was colonized, this started to be a problem. England’s individualistic and business vision “modernized” the form of education in India, the way dowries were made, and the way castes were viewed.

So the caste system became a crime in India, although they are still adapting after thousands of years of tradition.

So, as the whole world was colonized, castes didn’t exist.

But we have a system very similar to it in the Americas.

The ethnicities.

Theoretically, there is a meritocracy. Potentially, too. But for someone who has a color other than white, socially it is very difficult to grow and become capital.

Is that where violence comes from?

Inheritance of a young past that tells us that we are all the same but we feel every day in our skin that we are not, aren’t we?

In astrology, violence is an imbalance of Mars.

Mars is the eternal lover of Venus, and an unbalanced Venus represents denied pleasures, an inverted sense of values, and a distorted society.

The imbalance of one is the consequence of another.

All the violence we have is reflected in consumerist societies, excessively based on worldly pleasures and egoic values.

So here we found a solution. Building values in a somewhat more matriarchal society and the motivations and social recognition focused on human development rather than money, beauty or power. Here we see societies that encourage the 7 sinful sides of human beings.

Now, where does violence come from?

Before Mars, we have Jupiter.

Jupiter in astrology is a social planet because it is very large and represents the ideologies of an entire nation, in world astrology.

Where does violence come from?

From a lack of beliefs or religion to a country with a structure aimed at our human development.

Where does the lack of structure come from?

The structure is Saturn. Saturn, it’s everything we lean on because it gives us the foundation. And in world astrology, Saturn is the country. If we are talking about the bases of a religion….

As far as we know, all the religions we’ve had came from sacred books or stories passed from mouth to mouth in millennia, where many said that the origin of these stories came from those we worship.

However, these days, the next step for humanity will be to enter the aquarium area.

This is an age where religion does not come from heaven. It is formed by the collective.

We can call this religion several things: emotional intelligence, yoga, comparative studies of religions, worship of a specific religion with spirituality, spirituality, psychology, and following intuition.

The religion of the age of Aquaria, coming from the collectivity, is not about religion per se. It’s about the message she sends.


The consciousness of the I.

A unique life, followed by ideas I believe in.

That would be the structure of this new society that we are creating.

So, are we going to leave all the responsibility to this blessed “Age of Aquarius”?

Or in the government?

After all, everything is the government’s fault!

The opposite of Saturn, in astrology, and in this case very well applied to the context as a complementary opposite, is the moon.

The moon is me.

And you.

It’s your daily feeling to change and be better.

It is the feeling of doing and communicating what you believe is right, respecting the individuality of the other.

The government gives us the framework to protect every Moon and every citizen. However, it is the people who make the government.

Even in the most authoritarian governments.

Violence creates more violence.

Someone says “fuck you!” and your inner self wants to answer the same thing, only louder.

Violence is healed with love, and love is only created as we understand the shadows of our emotions so that we can then be on par with the other even when he wants to hurt us.

That’s only the Moon can do. Because the moon is the fastest, most sensitive, and most vulnerable “planet” of all other planets.

The moon is the most powerful “planet” in the zodiac.

You can only change the world when you change yourself. Never been truer.

By changing your inner world, an energetic field that comes within your cells begins to vibrate strongly, and over time you will influence people and your own magnetic field just by your example.

Where does violence come from, from an unbalanced society?

How do we harmonize violence quickly? Reassessing our values about materialism, social equality, and human conscience.

How to truly end violence? Truly feeling compassion and love for you, and then, consequently, in the next.

Welcome to a prosperous society!