Mind and Emotion are antagonistic by themselves.
The mind is masculine energy, while the emotion is more feminine.

From a neurodevelopmental point of view, emotion is more primal and more immediate than thought.
emotion being more primary and more immediate than thought, although the two are incessantly interacting with each other.

According to the philosophy of Ayurveda, the mind is not located in the brain. The mind is the whole body. So that’s why when you do physical exercise, your line of reasoning becomes more coherent, even if you’re not studying anymore.
Any and all sensations in your body that you feel and focused on, your mind is there.
We can also call the mind the ego.

Now, what about astrology?
According to astrology, our body is a radio antenna. We are all the time capturing information from the collective unconscious and translating it to our mind, which is the body, which is our personalized radio station as well as our astral map. That is, from your birth chart, you have your physical characteristics and the substance of your thinking is determined. An example of this is asking Virgos to stop thinking. Or for Libra to stop socializing. People in general tend to want to convey the same message but express it differently from who they are.
So, using the idea that the mind is its own body and the two are exchanging messages at all times, we would only capture signals from the collective unconscious and the body itself is already a translation of that… But before that, emotion choose how you want the translation to be done.

How fast is the information exchange relationship between emotion and mind? They influence each other all the time, almost instantaneously. The external environment (also part of the body and mind) directly influences emotions, but emotions determine what the final decision will be. And we only justify it with our minds.

The dynamics are: external stimuli that we internalize (thoughts that become emotions) and internal stimuli that we externalize (emotions that become thoughts, which in some cases become actions)
In an emotionally healthy world, we listen to our emotions first before making a decision.

Collective unconscious influences body/mind.
The body and mind try to influence emotion.
External environment influences mind/body.
Emotion has the ultimate body/mind answer.

If the final decision was not “well thought out”, it is because it was influenced by the external environment and justified by reason.
If it was well intuited, it was taken with the feeling that he did because he doesn’t know but he felt it was the right thing.

The reason in this case is that you have listened to your inner voice, even if the outer environment disagrees.

Emotions are binary, it only understands yes and no.
The mind creates dialogues to make you feel better momentarily, with an instinctive body desire. This can be a momentary pleasure that targets the negative side of the 7 planets of astrology. Or if you prefer a more religious view, one of the 7 deadly sins.

Sun – Pride
Moon – Sloth
Mercury – Envy
Venus – Lust
Mars – Wrath
Jupiter – Gluttony
Saturn – Greed

The work of emotion is that even with the body’s momentary pleasure, make these planets/sins become virtues. From your yes or no taken from your decisions.
Because they are a momentary pleasure.

In this monologue, could you then name the emotion of conscience?
Because if the mind is the body, it is the emotion that is the main channel to make a decision that will be good for your personal development or not.

Barbara Oliveira – Moondalini